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Research directed at the success of students is very clear when it comes to parent/guardian involvement. When parents/guardians are active in their student’s day-to-day learning, the student is much more likely to be successful. Parents/guardians especially need to be involved when their student is in the 6th, 7th & 8th grade. I know the Middle and High School students do not always seem to openly want their parents involved, but I believe students really want and need their parents active in their learning.

Technology has made access to the student’s education much easier. Parents/guardians, with their student, can review the grades, attendance, discipline record, lunch account, and send an absence excuse by e-mail. Parents/guardians and students also can access course information by linking to a Teacher’s Web Page. E-mail has become an effective method for communication. We encourage parents/guardians to provide us with their e-mail addresses.

Here are the step-by-step directions to access student information:

Infinite Campus -allows you the ability to monitor grades, attendance, food service balance, and behavior. You must have access to an ID number and password. The ID number and password are available by contacting either Mrs. Hakes or Mr. Braaten at 715-861-6947.

Reporting Absences -an added feature this year is the ability to e-mail the school to excuse an absence. You may still receive a phone call or reply e-mail for verification.

Teacher Websites -allows you the ability to review homework, lesson information, due dates, course expectations, and teacher contact information. To access a Teacher’s Web page, click on the Teacher Websites tab at the top of the page. Next, locate the Staff Member and select the link to access the Teacher’s Web page. If there is any difficulty accessing the selected Teacher’s Web page contact Mr. Braaten at 715-861-6947.

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