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Flying Windows + M = minimize all applications

Control + Z = undo last action

Control + Y = repeat last action

Control + A = select all text

Control + C = copy selected text

Control + V = paste text

Control + X = cut (delete) selected text

Control + U = underline

Control + B = bold

Control + I = italics

Control + 2 = double space text

Control + 1 = single space text

§  Table – insert table – select number of columns and rows – OK

§  To make lines on your table disappear: right click anywhere on table, select “borders & shading” – select “none” (borders tab) – OK

§  To add shading or a color to a section within a table: select the square(s) – right click anywhere on table, select “borders & shading” – shading tab at a top – select color option – OK

§  Thesaurus – select the word, then SHIFT + F7 or right click on the word with the red, squiggly underlining